Abaco Outreach is using GoFundMe to collect donations for those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. GoFundMe is a secure website where you can donate through a PayPal or credit card number. Click below to donate!

How do I use GoFundMe?

1. Click the "Donate Now!" button above. 

2. Click the "Donate Now" button to the right of the page

3. Enter your donation amount in the green section

4. Decide if you'd like to leave GoFundMe a tip. You can select "other" and type $0 into the box if you would like to leave no tip.

Why? GoFundMe asks for tips to help operate their website, as they do not make money from any ads or other sources. 

5. Enter your personal information (name, email, optional comment)

6. Click the yellow "PayPal Checkout" button. You do NOT have to have a PayPal to donate.


7. Enter your card information, billing address, and optional contact information. 

8. Click confirm and donate!